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Oy Scanweb Ab
Scanweb is a magazine printing company which was established in 1992 and has its headquarters in Kouvola, Finland. Our company employs more than one hundred specialists in the graphics industry. Over 80 % of our production is exported to Russia and the Scandinavian countries.

A significant strength of Scanweb’s operations is its advanced utilisation of in-house developed information technology solutions in the production process, which the customer sees in the form of uniform high quality print work, efficient logistics and competitive prices.
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Интернет адрес (сайт): http://www.scanweb.fi
Страна: Finland
Регион: Southern Finland
Город: Kouvola
Индекс: 45 130
Улица: Korjalankatu
Дом: 27
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Mail address: P.O.Box 116, 45 101 Kouvola, Finland
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Типографии. Oy Scanweb Ab

Оборудование: Machinery

* Pre-press: 2 CTP plate setters
* 3 heatset presses for 16 pages
* 1 sheet-fed press for printing covers
* Completely equipped magazine bindery
* Equipment for supplement
* Packaging line

Продукция и услуги: Scanweb specialises in the printing of magazines. We regularly print more than 150 magazines, more than 10 of which are published weekly. In a month we print over 5 million magazines. We use about 25,000 tons of paper each year.

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