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RR Donnelley
RR Donnelley is one of the world’s largest and most advanced printers providing print and print related services to publishers, cataloguers, retailers, manufacturers, telecom and technology companies, financial services institutions and many others. With an unparalleled range of services, we help our clients better reach their customers.
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Работает с:1874 года
В Карте СМИ с:21 августа 2007 года

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Интернет адрес (сайт): http://www.rrdonnelley.eu.com/
Страна: Россия
Регион: Центральный
Город: Москва
Индекс: 123557
Улица: Средний Тишинский пер.
Дом: 28 Офис: 612
КАРТА СМИ Категория: Типографии
Типографии. RR Donnelley

Оборудование: At RR Donnelley, we invest in technology and develop online tools that help our customers focus on what they do best—such as merchandising and publishing—while optimising communication efficiencies and helping them accomplish their goals. Our tools are designed to simplify workflows, speed time to market and reduce capital investment in software and hardware.

Продукция и услуги: Companies across Europe and around the world turn to RR Donnelley for all their print preparation, production and delivery needs. We apply our insight and knowledge gained through 140 years of experience to design strategic print and communications solutions that are targeted to our clients’ individual industry segments and thereby help them meet and exceed their business objectives.

We work with leading companies in diverse industry segments:
* Book Publishing
* Magazine Publishing
* Catalogues
* Retail
* Telecom
* Technology
* Manufacturing
* Financial Services

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